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The Project

The ‘Hart voor het Vondelpark’ foundation collects money for the improvement of the Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s famous city park.

The challenge
The main goal was to engage people with the Vondelpark Amsterdam and inspire them to be part of the community. There were three aspects, which needed equally and clearly communicated: 1. attracting more volunteers, for the rose garden and the information desk, 2. asking for donations, a financial gift or by adopting a rose bed or a park bench. 3 displaying the extended collection of roses, ‘Rosarium’ in all its splendour.
Providing a well-structured website with streamlined communication and updates.
The website is the perfect platform to inspire people and engage them in all aspects of the Vondelpark organization, whether you’re looking to contribute a financial donation or as a new volunteer.

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delivered July 2017

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