Een ‘lean’ begin is het beste begin.

Lees verder in het Engels:

  • Build -> Everything starts with an idea, but what happens next? In the lean startup model the next step isn’t to plan (or strategize), it is to buildThis is an important element to understand right away. In the case of a software developer, the first step is to build a minimum viable product, otherwise known as a simple version 1.0.
  • Measure -> After you have version 1.0, no matter how simple, the very next step of the process it to launch and immediately begin measuring results. For a new business, this may be as simple as gathering user feedback through a contact form, but the point is that good business development requires listening and measuring.
  • Learn -> Based on the data gathered during the measure stage, the business should then make reasonable and educated decisions about the next iteration of the product.  They should use the data they collected to immediately begin implementing changes to the product. This will naturally take them back to step 1, allowing the loop to continue itself.